View... photos of our balloon experience, a picture is worth a thousand words!

View pictures of balloons flying over the Temecula Valley wine country, the Temecula Valley Balloon & Wine Festival and daily photos of passenger flights.  Then head over to our reservations page or call us 951-699-9987 to make your  reservation today!

Floating about the beautiful Bolero Winery in Europa Village.  The gardens are the perfect backdrop for your after flight picnic.

The beautiful grounds at Bolero Winery are a perfect starting point for your balloon flight.

After flight, all guests celebrate  with a champagne toast in the VIP room at Bolero Winery.

Your transportation from Bolero Winery to your launch location and back.

The pilot and flight crew will be nearby helping coordinate all the logistics.

The balloons are being cold inflated, with huge fans. Then they heat the air to get the balloon to stand up.

An awesome view of the passengers and pilot during a flight.

Everyone has hopped into the basket, soon the pilot will give the go and the flight will begin.

Once up in the air, a beautiful view of Temecula Valley's wine country can be seen.

It is a surreal experience, especially with the other balloons flying around you.

Flight crew will follow along on the ground and be ready to pick everyone up when it is time to come down.

The Pechanga Resort & Casino balloon can be seen among the vineyards.

Celebrating an anniversary with the Grape Escape anniversary package.

Girls day out celebrating a birthday together, learn more about birthday packages.

An unforgettable engagement while floating above the vineyards! Learn more.

Friends get together for an unforgettable experience.

Temecula Valley's Balloon & Wine Festival has a gathering of over 40 balloons every year.

An amazing view to witness during the Balloon & Wine Festival with all the balloons in the air.

Balloon & Wine Festival's balloon glow is such a fun experience that everyone can enjoy!

Learn more about sponsorship and advertising on a Grape Escape hot air balloon.

The balloons come back down about one hour after take off with the rest of your day ahead of you.

Celebrate your successful flight back at Bolero Winery with your friends.

You will be awarded Aeronaut status as you celebrate your flight over the Temecula Valley.

Grape Escape is the best rated Balloon Adventure in Temecula, CA.

Watch this short video and get an idea of what your balloon adventure will entail.

From your arrival to getting the balloon setup, A Grape Escape Balloon Adventure will have everything taken care of on the day of your flight.  Let Bob Madden give you an overview of the entire ballooning experience.

Temecula Valley Balloon & Wine Festival 2015.

See a spectacular sight every year at the Temecula Valley Balloon & Wine Festival with over 40 balloons taking flight over the beautiful Lake Skinner. This time-lapse view gives a perspective not viewable by the human eye.