Getting... attention does not have to be hard!

A Grape Escape offers aerial advertising solutions through Custom Corporate Hot Air Balloons and Hot Air Balloon Corporate Promotional Banners.  Cut through the noise of traditional marketing initiatives, stand out from the competitors' crowd, engage customers, win loyalty, and create thousands of positive impressions: captivate your audience with innovative advertising on a hot air balloon!

Be Where Your Customers Are

Hot air balloons have proven to be an incomparable marketing tool.  No other advertising support generates as much interest in the eyes of all audiences. The hot air balloon commands attention and is the most impressive means of communication.  Rather than competing on the ground, a giant, colorful, and dynamic hot air balloon dominates the sky carrying the sponsor's identity.  The hot air balloon generates enormous exposure among thousands or even millions of spectators.

Guaranteed Impressions

Hot air balloons are iconic marketing vehicles that people can not help but look at.  When people see a balloon, their excitement is contagious, they want to tell others about it.  Not only will they grab others and get them to look, they will take pictures and share on social media.  Encounters with a hot air balloon are memorable.  Hot air balloons constitute an unbeatable advertising tool for companies as no other tool equals this level of attraction and interest from the general public, and the exceptional attention of media. Your logo or banner on a hot air balloon will make an unforgettable impact, and maximize exposure for your brand!

Leave the Work to Us

Do not stress about your aerial hot air balloon advertising.  We handle all hot air balloon creative production, flight planning, and logistics.  We offer balloon or banner design that would correspond to the style of your company, logo and characteristic colors.  We have you covered!

Let yourself be carried by the winds of your imagination and contact us so that together we can make your brand soar!  For further information, call us  951-699-9987.