Elevate... your event to a new height!

Hot Air Balloon Tethers

Are you planning a party, wedding reception, corporate or special event?  A hot air balloon tether is the perfect activity to give your event a "WOW!" factor.  A balloon tether is simply a hot air balloon which is tied to the ground with special ropes that only allow it to rise to a low altitude of 50-75 feet. Because the balloon is secured to the ground it does not float away with the wind as it does in normal flight.  It is a great way to introduce the hot air balloon flight experience to a large group of guests.

The balloon can make multiple ascents changing passengers each time. Each flight lasts about 5 minutes, accommodating 30-40 passengers per hour. Typical balloon tethers are two hours in length.  As with a balloon flight, tethers are offered in the early morning or after sunset. 

Hot Air Balloon Glows

A balloon tether in the evening is classified as a balloon glow.  It offers an additional element of excitement as the balloon lights up like a giant light bulb making it the ideal backdrop for your event. Tethering a hot air balloon requires an area of 100 ft. x 100 ft. free of obstructions and power lines.  Our balloon vehicles must be able to access the designated area.  

A balloon tether is an excellent way to bring exposure to your business.  Imagine having your name on a seven story billboard in your parking lot at a grand opening or special event.  Call us 951-699-9987 to find out how we can help take your business to a new "height" and help you "rise" above the competition.